Session 1:
Rethinking Transitional Ministry - Alban article.doc
What Should a Minister Be Good At.doc
Interim Bibliography - suggested resources.doc
FAQS about Interim Ministers.doc
interviewing an interim candidate - PCUSA.doc
worksheet, interim position.doc
Assessing Needs, Setting Goals, Developing a Strategy.doc
Confidential Quarterly Report on Interim Ministry.doc
Evaluation - Ephesians.doc
The Roundabout Way.doc

Session 2:
Hope in Anxious Time news.doc
10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Anxiety, notes.pdf
Developing the Capacity to Attach Anew - Alban article.doc
Differentiated Leadership - Alban.doc
Kitchen Clean Up - grieving essay.doc
Cracked Pots IMTI.doc
Reflections - memorial, Oshkosh.doc

Session 3:
Congregational Size chart.doc
Hard Times Leadership - Alban article.doc
How to minister effectively - church size.doc
What will it take to make the change.doc

Session 4:
Where two or three - conflict sermon.doc
Bible Illustrations - Conflict.doc
Leading into the Promised Land.doc
Is Conflict a Good Thing.doc
Finding the Optimal Level of Conflict.doc
Twenty Observations about Troubled Congregations - worksheet.doc

Session 5:
Confessions of a Reformed Problem Solver - Alban article.doc
Covenants of Leadership Behavior - Rendle article.doc
Leadership Without Easy Answers.doc

Session 6:
New Questions for a New Day, Alban.doc
The Power of Good Questions, Alban.doc
The Problem with Problem-Solving, Alban.doc
Living Stones sermon IMTI 6.doc