Conflict is a normal part of human activity. It occurs whenever two or more ideas attempt to occupy the same space. In fact, healthy conflict helps to generate energy in church systems. Unhealthy conflict, however, can be extremely destructive, especially in the close community that is the church. Whether the conflict centers with individuals, factions or church staff, when conflict remains unresolved, it compromises church’s mission and threatens survival of the community of faith.

The energy that fuels conflict can be directed to not only resolve the conflict but also to renew and energize the mission and ministry of the church. Good stewardship requires dealing with conflicts as early as possible so that the church can get on with its work as the unified Body of Christ.

The consultants at Sand Bur Consulting are experienced mediators and have years of experience facilitating conflict resolution and management. Our understanding of faith and church systems enables us to design unique processes for dealing with particular conflicts in ways that strengthen the church’s ministry and mission. We listen, we facilitate active participation by all parties and we do not judge. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about far greater results than we could imagine.

Participation in successful conflict resolution often results in more effective decision-making processes and renewed energy for the work of the church.