Why we are downsizing? What has changed to require consideration?
  1. Understanding of church’s mission
  2. Membership
  3. Increased expenses
  4. Decline in giving
  5. Needs of members
  6. Needs of community
  7. Other

What are our alternatives to downsizing?
  1. Reduction of non-pastoral staff
  2. Reduction of program/mission
  3. Disposal of property
  4. Close church
  5. Other

What are our choices for downsizing?
  1. Share pastoral services with another church
  2. Bi-vocational (Tentmaker ) pastor
  3. Itinerant pulpit supply pastor
  4. Student supply pastor
  5. Commissioned Lay Pastor
  6. Session leadership

How will we address the consequences for both pastor and congregation?
  1. Tasks formerly performed by pastor
  2. Pastor’s use of additional discretionary time to supplement household income
  3. Continuing education and spiritual growth for pastor and congregation
  4. Changes in pastor/parish relationship (les persona contact and availability)
  5. Issues of identity for both pastor and church (“real” pastor/”real” church)
  6. Future realities

How will we implement downsizing?
  1. Grief work
  2. Re-education of membership
  3. Public relations
  4. Changes in terms of call
  5. Monitoring