Why are you called Sand Bur Consulting? 

In the sandy, infertile soils of our part of the world grows a prolific grass that produces a small round spine-covered seed head called a sand bur. These seed heads readily attach themselves to anything brushing against them. The spines penetrate and irritate flesh. They cling through brushing and even laundering. A common surprise is to don freshly laundered underwear only to discover a prickly sand bur that survived the washing! These burs that are so persistently irritating and difficult to remove remind us of many of the challenges that so easily become attached to our churches.

Do you consult only with churches?

Because the role of faith is so central to our work, we engage mostly with churches and other religious organizations. We have on occasion worked successfully with other kinds of service oriented organizations facing issues of conflict and strategic planning.

Our church is currently without a pastor. Can you still provide effective work with us?

Most of our work is directly with officers and leaders. If a pastor is in place, that person will be fully involved in our work; however, nearly half of our consultation work is with churches that are in some stage of search for pastoral leadership.

We don’t find our particular issue listed among the categories of service you describe. Can you help us with other kinds of issues?

We represent a great variety and depth of experience in all aspects of church service. We are also aware of others who work in areas we do not. Contact us and we will help you find the kind of help you need.

We are preparing for our pastor’s sabbatical leave. Can you provide pastoral leadership during this time?

We are not normally able to provide long-term pastoral leadership ourselves. However, part of our process in helping churches prepare for their pastor’s sabbatical includes addressing the many issues that frequently impact both church and pastor during the sabbatical time. Securing necessary pastoral supply is just one of these issues

Will you represent our church in a conflict with our community or denomination?

Our role in such a conflict would be to assist you in recognizing your systemic challenges and resources related to the conflict. While we cannot be advocates for you with other agencies, we may be able to help you locate those who can.

How do we determine how much and what kind of service we need from you?

If you have reviewed our offerings and still have questions, contact us. We will explore together the exact nature of your needs. Often, we will conduct an exploratory meeting with your church’s governing body (at a discounted fee)to determine how we might propose addressing your situation.