These are some of the tools we have found helpful in our work.  Use them as you are able with our blessing.  Please give credit to Sand Bur Consulting and let us know how you were able to use these tools.  

Mission Planning:
Core Values Discernment Module (pdf)
Congregational Discernment
Effective Mission Planning.doc (download)
A Missional Way of Bible Study
Prayer for Transformation
Quotable Quotes

Church Mergers:
A Checklist for Merging Churches
Stages of a Church Merger
Unspoken Adjustment Questions

Small Churches:
"Beyond Survival" Bibliography

Interim Ministry:
Tips for Interim Pastors about Leading Mission Studies
Interviewing a Candidate for an Interim Position
Questions a Interim Candidate Might Ask
Ten Ways to help an interim time get underway

Downsizing Pastoral Terms of Call
Let's Do the Numbers
A Different Kind of Bread - Changed Pastoral Relationships

A Quiz when Planning Sabbatical Leave
Guide to Deciding Difficult Issues.doc
Guide Toward Building Consensus.doc