Transitions in the life of a congregation can be full of challenges and opportunities, anxieties and excitements.

When a transition is due to a change in pastoral leadership, there are generally particular tasks that need to be accomplished in order for a congregation to move forward. These tasks include:

  • clarifying the church’s vision of the mission to which it feels God is calling it
  • paying attention to changes in a church’s demographics and surrounding environment that might reshape its ministry
  • identifying its history and values rooted in the past and its strengths and challenges for the future
  • assessing the kind of pastoral skills and leadership style needed to lead the church onward
  • allowing for time and intentional opportunities to work through conflict, grief, and other issues that would stand in the way of receiving a new pastor with open arms
  • determining the goals of a transitional time and whether the services of an interim pastor could be beneficial

The clearer a church and pastoral search committee is about its vision, needs, values, and sense of mission, the more likely it will be effective in finding candidates that offer a “good match” in leadership style, experience, and skills.

Sand Bur Consulting can assist a church or pastoral search committee with these tasks.

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